Bronze Hub was born out of necessity and built for the industry, bridging the gap between live production and scalability. 

At a time when content is captured and uploaded at a moments notice, there needed to be a solution for professionals. Bronze Hub thrives in high volume event spaces such as studios, theaters, houses of worship, and even high-stake conference rooms. 

Every space is different, so we built a solution that can handle anything from a small camera to a RED Epic. We work to capture your style, in the resolution you need, distributing it live or through our server for editing.

Our remote operators take control of your production from our office, always available, and with the help of our artificial intelligence. We're ready for anything. Let's make video production, easy.


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Bronze Hub is a camera control technology company, specializing in remote live stream and video production. Our Remote Operator Service (ROS) connects our software with trained technicians to deliver professional, high-quality content at an affordable price. Our services are available nationwide.

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